Computer Rental

The era we are living in, the Computer is needed at least once in a while if not every day. You don’t necessarily need computer at home, especially, when you have a smart phone that can do most of the computer work. But what if the smart phone is not compatible with the website you need to go on? Or what if the file(s) that you need to print cannot be sent to printer? Or what if the network is not great where you need it? Or what if you simply need a large screen and a traditional keyboard for efficiency?

Worry not! We have seen various reasons why computer is needed and that is why we have introduced computer rental service at Pak Mail San Rafael. With our computer rental service, you can –

  • Go to your email to check important itinerary information
  • Print your concert tickets in black and white or color
  • Print large PDF files with many pages in few seconds
  • Prepare consent letter for your kids travel to have it notarized
  • Search and prepare agreement on google
  • Prepare and print passport application to mail it after
  • Print mailing label for the package you need to drop off
  • Finish your school assignment or do a project research
  • Give online exam

These are just few real-life examples that we have seen our computer rental station being used.

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