Mailbox Rental

Private Mailbox Service San Rafael

Pak Mail San Rafael offer three types of mailbox services to meet the varying needs of our customers:

  1. Physical Mailboxes
  2. Virtual Mailboxes
  3. Package Receiving

Physical Mailboxes

Our physical mailboxes offer:

  1. Security: Mail is kept in a locked box rather than an open street mailbox
  2. Identity Protection & Secure Mail Pick-Up: Eliminates the need to give out your home and business address
  3. Receive from all couriers, as well as certified mail and freight deliveries. Perfect for home businesses, catalog and online sales.
  4. 24 Hour access
  5. New in town and don’t have a permanent residence yet? We offer short and long term rentals. Rent a mailbox for 3 months, 6 months or a year

We offer three sizes of mailboxes for our customers:

  • SMALL MAILBOX (3.5”x 4.5”x 14.25”) Ideal for an individual or family whose mail consists of letter-sized envelopes. Up to three people max. No business names are permitted. Includes 5 packages
  • MEDIUM MAILBOX (5.5”x 5.5”x14.25”) Best for individuals, families and businesses whose mail includes magazines, catalogs, manila envelopes. Up to six people. Includes 10 packages
  • LARGE MAILBOX (11”x 5.75”x 14.25”) Ideal for families and businesses receiving all types of mail, magazines, catalogs, and manila envelopes. There is no restriction on the number of names you may receive mail for. Includes 15 packages

What do you need to open your mailbox?

  1. Complete our Mail Box Services Agreement
  2. Complete Form PS1583: Download PS1583
  3. Bring these forms along with two forms of identification to Pak Mail.  Note: A photocopy of your identification will be retained by Pak Mail when you open your private mailbox, as per USPS requirements.
    1. Acceptable primary forms of identification – To be accepted as a primary form of identification, the identification must include a clear photograph of the individual bearer. Customers may provide the following as acceptable primary forms of photo identification:
      • U.S. Government I.D.: U.S. Government I.D. may be federal-, state-, or tribal-issued. Customers may provide the following:
        1. State-issued driver’s license
        2. Non-driver’s identification card
        3. U.S. Armed Forces card
        4. Uniformed Service ID card
        5. U.S. permanent resident or other identification card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
        6. U.S. certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
        7. Identification card issued by a federally or state-recognized tribal nation (tribal identification card).
      • Passport: This includes a U.S. passport, U.S. passport card, or foreign passport.
      • Matricula Consular (Mexico): A Matricula Consular card is an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican nationals residing outside Mexico.
      • NEXUS (Canada): NEXUS is a joint Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection operated trusted traveler and expedited border control program. Customers may provide a NEXUS card as a form of identification for money orders. To be accepted, the NEXUS card must contain an identification number.
      • U.S. University Identification: A public or private U.S. university identification card.
    2. Acceptable secondary forms of identification – Customers may provide an acceptable non-photo form of current identification, such as the following:
      • A lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
      • Voter or vehicle registration card
      • Home or vehicle insurance policy
      • Utility bill
      • Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record
      • Customers may also provide another primary ID as a secondary form of identification.
  4. Please review our Mail Box Optional Services Form and complete if you are interested in any of these services.

What if you cannot visit our store to open a mailbox?

That’s ok! Just follow the above steps. Then instead of coming into Pak Mail, you will take it to a local Notary Public. The Notary Public will need to validate your two form of identification and notarize your signature on the PS1583 Form. Then email the following information to us at

  1. Signed Mail Box Services Agreement
  2. Notarized Form PS1583
  3. Photocopy of your two forms of identification.
  4. If applicable, completed Mail Box Optional Services Form
  5. Completed Credit Card Authorization Form

We will contact you directly to set the rest up.

Mailbox Rental